Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cash for peerages latest

Hmmm, this one is not playing too well for New Labour with the general public, according to some reports:

'In a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times, 56% of people said they believed the prime minister had given peerages in return for donations and loans. Just 14% thought Tony Blair had not.

'Among Labour supporters, only a third accepted the prime minister's word that he had never given peerages in exchange for cash. The poll surveyed 1,811 people.

'Another poll for the Sunday Telegraph found that seven out of 10 people thought Labour was as "sleazy" as the scandal-prone Tories under John Major. In the ICM poll of 1,003 people, just under half said they believed Labour had offered peerages in return for big loans.'

Meanwhile, BBC Online offers a backgrounder to the scandal, with quotes from my Newsnight appearance on Thursday, here.


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