Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dumping Dubya

What are the chances of seeing George W Bush impeached over Iraq next year? Not bad at all if the Democrats do well in the midterm congressional elections in November, according to an article currently on the website of neocon house journal The Weekly Standard.

‘The Impeach Bush movement has made great strides over the last few years, and today impeachment isn't just a looming carnival of the absurd, quacking and clanging about on the horizon - it's a real possibility for 2007,’ writes the magazine’s online editor Jonathan Last.

Ralph Nader has apparently been pushing for just such a move since 2003. At first, the very idea was considered so off the wall that even the utterly deranged Lyndon LaRouche denounced it as crazy.

But the tide seemed to turn in May last year, after revelations that Bush had seriously countenanced the idea of bombing al Jazeera. A month later, a Zogby poll found 42% of Americans agreed with the idea of impeachment if it could be proved that Bush lied over Iraq. Some subsequent polls have found a majority in favour of the proposition.

Last continues: ‘ So far, 11 town councils have taken up resolutions supporting impeachment; eight have passed, the largest being in San Francisco. State Democratic parties have adopted similar resolutions in California, Nevada and Wisconsin. ImpeachPAC, a political-action committee devoted to supporting pro-impeachment candidates, lists 14 Democratic candidates mounting congressional campaigns centering on impeachment.’

So, what happens next? Well, according to a poll conducted for Time and published on Wednesday, the GOP are in for a pounding come next November:

If the congressional elections were being held today, would you be more likely to vote for the Republican or Democratic candidate?: Democratic 50% Republican 41%

Regardless of which candidates you favor, would you rather see the Republicans or the Democrats control Congress?: Democratic 49% Republican 38%

I’ll be looking forward to the gyrations of the ‘pro-war left’ on this one. Norm, Nick and HP will surely feel themselves honour bound to defend the liberator of Iraq. Meanwhile, can I be the first British blogger to extend moral support to the impeachment cause?

UPDATE: As one rightwing US blogger points out here, there is a downside: step forward, President Cheney. Gulp!

Meanwhile, commenter Grouchy reminds me of the campaign to impeach Blair, which seems to have run out of steam of late. But check out


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