Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Malaysia: solidarity with Parti Sosialis

Malaysia has the outward form of a democracy. But it lacks any of the substance.

For example, there are trade unions. But the state – fearful no doubt that multinational corporations will relocate to China unless workplace docility is ensured – restricts their activities.

The constitution supposedly guarantees freedom of speech. In practice, the right is severely limited in the name of ‘national security’. Oppositional journalists can easily find themselves charged with sedition. Peaceful anti-war protests are violently dispersed.

Parties that oppose the ruling United Malays National Organization are permitted, But the country’s electoral affairs are arranged to put every obstacles in their path. Effectively, there is no system of checks and balances on the authority of the prime minister.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia – the country’s socialist party – has been fighting for the right to register as a legal grouping since 1999, and its application comes before the courts on April 10.

You can read about the case - and register your support and solidarity - here:


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