Thursday, May 11, 2006

7/7: how do we stop it happening again?

So it was ‘a lack of resources’ that prevented the security services from foiling the 7/7 plot, according to the House of Commons Intelligence and Security Committee.

The conclusion of this line of thinking is obvious; invite the intelligence agencies to write their own cheques, and to erode civil liberties as far as they find fit.

Of course, Britain needs to take a serious attitude towards both the individual and collective security of its citizens. Even so, the committee’s report offers no real answers.

Networks can be infiltrated and smashed. Some fresh atrocities might well be stopped that way. But plenty of others would inevitably succeed.

Even if the spooks got every penny and every power on their wish list, Islamist terrorism would continue. The starting point for any solution remains, now as before, political action to tackle global injustice and inequality.

Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnya are only the first of the problems that have to be solved.

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