Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Cameron and the chichi set

Tory MP John Hayes - chairman of the hard right Cornerstone group – is not best pleased with the assorted selection of Corrie extras and chick lit authors that Cokehead is trying to foist on unreconstructed constituency associations:

‘The idea that we can parachute insubstantial and untested candidates with little knowledge of the local scene into key seats to win the confidence of people they seek to represent is the bizarre theory of people who spend too much time with the pseuds and posers of London's chichi set and not enough time in normal Britain.’

I’m not so sure. Few ideas can be more bizarre than imposing former Tory MP Shaun ‘Two Butlers’ Woodward on solidly proletarian St Helens, and New Labour got away with that.

But anyway, it’s an interesting way for a frontbencher to talk about his own party leadership. The euphemisms probably stay on just the right side of outright homophobia, too.

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