Thursday, May 04, 2006

Neither Washington nor mosque

Workers' Left Unity of Iran is calling for solidarity against both US threats to the country and the Islamic theocracy that rules it. I wholeheartedly endorse this appeal, and I'll be interested to see what stance both other leftwing blogs and the main far left currents take on this one ... if they mention it all.

After all, the idea that 'the Iraqi left want an invasion' was one of the PWL's prime justifications for backing Bush and Blair three years ago. That claim was always questionable. Some of the Iraqi left did, other sections didn't. Statements such as this one help ensure that they won't be able to get away with such sleight of hand a second time round.

It should also help to put to shame the handful of ultraleftist headbangers that rework the old 'workers' bomb' defence for Soviet and Chinese nukes in the case of Tehran's drive to acquire such weapons.

'Call for an Alliance Against war in support of Iranian workers’ struggles

'The threat of a war against Iran is looming. Conflict and contradictions between the interests of neoconservatives in power in the USA and the defenders of the rule of capital in Iran’s Islamic Republic has entered a dangerous phase.

'The threat of war is a serious. US Imperialism and its allies are trying to force the Iranian regime to submission. At the same time, Iran’s rulers are trying to use the pretext of acquiring nuclear technology and the ensuing international conflict to divert attention from internal crisis so that they can lengthen their rule.

'This stage of international confrontation is taking place at a time when Iranian workers are engaged in daily anti-capitalist struggles against the Islamic Republic regime. A government that tries to break up the workers just struggles with repression and anti-labour legislation.

'The anti-war movement is an international movement against expansionism and against imperialist intervention in the affairs of other countries. We, activists of the Iranian left, who defend the Iranian working class movement and other social movements in Iran, see ourselves as part of this global anti-war movement against imperialist expansion and the global ravages of capital.

'Fighting against war is not the same as defending Iran’s Islamic rulers. In fact imperialist threats will help maintain the regime giving it the perfect excuse to deploy even more its repressive apparatus against political opponents.

'The nature of this imperialist war must be exposed and world public opinion must be mobilized to stop the war. We are against militarism, against nuclear proliferation, and we call for a Middle East free of nuclear weapons.

'Effective resistance against this war is to defend the struggles of Iranian workers to support social movements inside Iran. We call on all anti-capitalist forces, political groups and organisations to join the forces and activists of the Iranian left in supporting Iranian social movements against war and to strengthen solidarity with the workers movement in Iran.'

Workers Left Unity Iran 1 May 2006

If you would like to add your name to supporters of this campaign please email:

[Hat tip: Alliance for Workers' Liberty]

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