Monday, May 15, 2006

Opus Dei versus Opus Gay

The usual Blairite argument against Trotskyists being members of the Labour Party is that their first loyalty lies with a secretive and conspiratorial organisation, with its own distinctive publications and extremist political positions.

But somehow, membership of Opus Dei is OK, as witnessed by stellar political career of Ruth Kelly, pictured left. I mean, say what you like about being in a Trot group, but self-flagellation rarely forms part of the deal.

Then again, such punishment could be considered light compared to some of the meetings you have to sit through.

Our Ruthy – recently given cabinet responsibility for equality - seems strangely uncertain whether or not homosexuality is a sin. But the position of OD is clear enough.

So I’m taking this opportunity to dust off one of the most amusing stories of 2004, featuring the legal action taken by the ultra-conservative Catholic group in Chile against a local gay publication. Its name? Opus Gay. Brilliant.

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