Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rupert Murdoch backs Hillary Clinton

They say the Dirty Digger only backs politicos that are on a roll. So presumably this story is good news for a certain Democrat presidential hopeful (pictured left, reporting for duty):

'Rupert Murdoch, the conservative media mogul whose New York Post tabloid savaged Hillary Clinton's initial aspirations to become a US senator for New York, has agreed to host a political fundraiser for her re-election campaign.'

This is something of a volte-face, to put it mildly:

'The partisan tabloid ran unflattering pictures, and frontpage headlines pleading: "Don't Run". A poll from the Post's website during the campaign identified her as the sixth "most evil" person of the millennium, ahead of Benito Mussolini and Vlad the Impaler. Her husband ranked second.'

Over on this side of the Atlantic, it will be interesting to watch the UK end of the Murdoch press during the next few months. Rupert has so far refused to state which way his papers will line up at the next election, although he has had some notably warm words to say about Gordon Brown:

'I like Gordon very much and I share a lot of his values. The Calvinist background I guess ... Scottish blood, you know he does seem to believe in the work ethic.'

That quote should certainly be trotted out anytime anybody tries to paint Brown as a bit of a leftie. Murdoch's 'values' certainly don't include residual affection for trade unionism, for instance.

Then again, the media tycoon has also been saying nice things about David Cameron. If Babyface Cokehead's lead in the polls proves to be more than transient, an endorsement from The Sun might not be long in coming.

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