Thursday, August 17, 2006

Alexei Sayle: I hate Blair more than Thatcher

There’s only one objective criterion you really use to rate a comedian. Does he or she make you laugh, or not? On that basis, I have always been ready to forgive Alexei Sayle his politics, in either their pro-Albanian Maoist or repentant former tankie variants.

And given this remark in an interview with the Daily Telegraph today, it seems he’s still pretty much on the hard left:

‘With Thatcher, we felt that she wasn't our fault. New Labour was about fairness and has turned out to be as corrupt if not more so, and more tied to the American military machine than Thatcher was. I feel a great deal more hatred for Blair than I ever felt for Thatcher.’

So readers … any opinions on the merits of Sayle as a funnyman? And which do you hate more - Maggie or Tony?


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