Thursday, September 28, 2006

Talking of new political parties

For Captain Sensible, it was all so easy. He just found sponsorship from a crisp manufacturer and went ahead with the launch of Britain's newest political organisation.

If only life was that simple for the far left. After writing the post below, I wondered what the hell the Campaign for a New Workers' Party - an initiative launched earlier this year - was up to.

The website seems fairly inactive, with no new material since June. However, there was a rally in Manchester after the demo in Manchester last Saturday. Speakers were Dave Nellist, Dr Jackie Grunsell and Janice Godrich, all members of Socialist Party.

Hint, guys: you're supposed to include a token independent or two on such platforms. Just to make it look a bit broader than it is at the moment, you know.

There are also plans to field council candidates in Liverpool next year. Tony Mulhearn - deputy leader of Liverpool council under Derek Hatton - tells the Liverpool Daily Post:

'This retains the values from Militant. It is about going back to what the Labour party stood for when it was first formed.

'It's about Clause Four, it's about having adequate pensions that people can live comfortably on and bringing in a minimum wage that is in line with the rest of Europe.'

Meanwhile, if you're the kind of comrade that considers that sort of talk nothing but a rotten capitulation to reformism - and there's plenty that do - then you'll be pleased to hear of the launch of the Campaign for a New Marxist Party in London on Saturday November 4.

Details can be had by emailing No Popular Front for the Liberation of Judea jokes, please.

Oh, and let's not forget that Respect is holding its conference on the weekend of October 14-15. There are already complaints from some affiliates that the agenda is being tightly controlled.

UPDATE: You can find a report on the CNWP meeting - and other fringe events in Manchester - at David Broder's blog here.


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