Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cost of the Forest Gate raids: £2.2m

The bungled Forest Gate police raid in search of chemical weapons last June – which lead to the shooting of Abul Kahar, an innocent man – has cost the taxpayer £2.2m.

That includes more than £90,000 in hotel bills for two familes whose homes were virtually dismantled in the process.

Then there was £864,300 in overtime pay for police officers (some of them seen top left), while more than £120,000 was spent on "operational feeding, barriers, technical support and restoration of property, while around £157,000 went on specialist equipment used in the search and £368,200 in "non-pay costs" — such as transport and catering, the erection of barriers and road signs.

Well done the Daily Telegraph, for obtaining the figures from Scotland Yard under Freedom of Information legislation.


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