Monday, October 02, 2006

Gordon Brown and autism

Tory shadow chancellor George Osbourne is in hot water for apparently suggesting that Gordon Brown - pictured left - could be autistic. As I pointed out in an earlier post, a number of News International columnists – including Robert Harris and Anatole Kaletsky – have already all but said as much in the Murdoch press.

I loved this quote on the BBC website, officially attributed to 'a source close to' the chancellor:

'This isn't offensive to Gordon Brown but it is grossly offensive to the thousands of people affected by autism and their families that their condition should be used by George Osborne as a term of political abuse and he should apologise.'

Now, as my family and close friends will know, I actually do have Asperger's Syndrome. There. I have said it publicly.

I met Brown on a couple of occasions in the early nineties, and based on that - and everything I've read about him since - I'd put money on him being an Aspie too.

If he had any sense, he'd openly declare it, before the whispering campaign becomes a shouting campaign.

Oh, and I do think Osbourne should apologise to the autistic community. How dare he compare us to that dreadful man?


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