Saturday, October 28, 2006

RMT disaffiliates from SSP

Press release from RMT, issued yesterday:

'Transport union RMT’s executive has agreed to disaffiliate the union from the Scottish Socialist Party after consulting its Scottish committee and branches.

'The union has also decided that it will not affiliateto the new Solidarity movement.

'"It gives no pleasure to have to take this decision, which has been made in close consultation with our Scottish committee and branches," RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today.

'"However, it is clear that there are elements within the SSP that have destablised the organisation, that the atmosphere within it is no longer conducive to comradeship, and that it is no longer in our members' interests to remain affiliated.

'"We will of course be monitoring political developments and the question of any possible future affiliation will be decided, as allowed under rule, in line with the union's aims and objects and the wishes of the membership," Bob Crow said.'

Hardly surprising given the developments in recent months, but a pity nevertheless. Interesting wording, though. Crow rather seems to be taking Sheridan's side in the dispute.


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