Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday open thread

I will be posting later in the day, but until then, I'll open the floor to the readership once more with a Friday open thread.

Obvious topics I have not written about this week include the US elections. I'd be especially interested to get opinions from US readers on that.

Things seem quiet on the British far left. Best gossip I've heard all week comes via Paul Anderson, who has a good story about Anita Halpin, a leading member of the Communist Party of Britain.

Get this. One of Britain's best-known tankies has been judged the rightful inheritor of a painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, which the Nazis confiscated from her grandfather. Today it went up for auction, and promptly sold for $38m. Looks like the Morning Star's money worries are over for a long, long time to come.

Meanwhile, Will has been working hard on my new website, and I'll be test driving it over the weekend. Get ready to redirect your browsers.


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