Saturday, November 11, 2006

Gerry Downing joins the blogosphere

Another Trot blog has seen the light of day this week. International Trotskyism is brought to you by Gerry Downing, described in the current Weekly Worker as 'a comrade from the
Workers Revolutionary Party tradition who is currently unattached'.

After the WRP split into nine factions - count 'em, nine - in the mid-eighties, Gerry was originally part of the Workers International League.

Initially forthright defenders of the Healy legacy, the WIL subsequently evolved in an alarmingly sensible direction and became the small Labour Party entrist group it is today.

WIL publishes Workers Action. Perhaps its most illustrious former member is Livingstone staffer Bob Pitt, one of the brains behind Islamophobia Watch.

Lucikily, Gerry spotted the scratch that was in danger of becoming gangrene early on, leading a split which was comprised entirely of himself and two mates. The three of them formed a breakaway organisation, whose name I now forget. If you've got the details, please let me know in the comments box.

This particular revolutionary vanguard published one or two issues of a journal, and one of the members managed to get his girlfriend to join, swelling the ranks of the group to four. I suspect that was about as good as it got for them. I have heard nothing since.

Gerry's first blog post is minimal, so it remains unclear what we can expect. But my guess is that International Trotskyism will be super hardcore, the Trotskyist equivalent of the stuff they keep under the counter in porn shops to please favoured customers.

I confidently predict that the blog will show up both Southpaw Punch and Ian Donovan for the vacillating centrist wusses that both of them clearly are by comparison. Even Workers Power will find it difficult to denounce as reformist.

A sample of Gerry's writing style and political outlook can be found here. I wish him every success with his new website.


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