Thursday, November 09, 2006

Immigration controls: three parties, one policy

On the day the Tories unveil their plans to reduce non-white immigration, try this simple quiz. Three MPs said the following about their respective parties’ stances on immigration controls:

Politician A: ‘The first principle will be to control immigration with regard to the economic effects. The second principle will be to control it with regard to the wider effects on society.’

Politician B: ‘We should publish an economic-social-demographic plan for population growth based on a points system and our own needs … no-one serious is advocating the scrapping of immigration controls.’

Politician C: ‘People recognise others from outside this country can bring great skills here ... but they also want to be assured that our services will be preserved and immigration will be managed.’

Have a guess which quote comes from a Tory, which from a Blairite - and which from Respect’s George Galloway. And, if you get all three right, please tell us how on earth you were able to spot the difference.


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