Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just who are the International Trotskyist Labor Tendency?

I like to think I am an expert on the geneology of obscure Trotskyist splinter groups. But I have recently come across the website of the International Trotskyist Labor Tendency, and I have to admit that this time, I am utterly, utterly stumped.

The slogan of this outfit is 'For world revolution and a 5th International!' Yeah, yeah. Ain't we all? Not exactly a unique selling point.

And I just love the way they include a link with the teasy-weasy title 'who are we?' Trouble is, you click on it and nothing happens.

The ITLT even claim to have a group in Britain, the Workers Front Organisation. But googling them draws a complete blank. Anybody know of any members? Do they have a publication?

If the WFO exists, it may even be working inside the Labour Party, if this extract from the ITLT's theoretical work is anything to go by:

'Many times our theory of Academicianism has become confused with the Ultra-left Anti-Proletarian theory we denounce this claim. What our theory is in truth is an observation of reality ...

'The long-standing history of labor and progressive ideas in Britain by far outweighs that of the U.S. In Britain initially we would apply Academicianism but the period would be brief and at some point we would begin "Light Enterism" into the Labour Party. We note that a new challenge exists with organizing inside of said party. This being the existence of Inter-Sectarianism.'

This perspectives document raises many important questions. Not least, have Workers Power and Southpaw Punch denounced them as reformists yet?

Comrades! Reveal yourselves to the DP audience! Either that, or I'll have to dob you in to Luke Akehurst. He really, really doesn't like Trots, you know.


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