Friday, November 10, 2006

More on Michael Meacher

Despite the predictions that Michael Meacher would declare his candidacy for the Labour leadership yesterday, in the end he didn’t. Not quite, anyway.

But there seems little doubt he eventually will. Check out this from The Times:

‘The only declared leadership candidate, the leftwinger John McDonnell, also faces being squeezed by arithmetic after Michael Meacher’s launch of an environmental campaign that had the feel of a nascent manifesto.

‘Mr Meacher expanded his criticisms of the Government to take in the Iraq War, "subservience" to President Bush, unacceptable gaps between rich and poor, the privatising of public services and the eroding of civil liberties.’

And this from the Independent:

‘Meanwhile, Michael Meacher, the former environment minister, signalled that he would challenge Mr Brown for the leadership with a campaign based on radical action to combat climate change.

‘Mr Meacher launched a new Labour campaign group calling for "Big Change" in the direction of the government over global warming. He threatens to take votes away from the other challenger from the left, John McDonnell.

‘Mr Meacher, the environment minister for eight years, had a handful of leftwing MPs including Alan Simpson and Ian Gibson at the launch of the campaign. Although he said the time for announcing a challenge would come later, he said he was not denying he was running for the leadership.

‘"I do believe there should be a candidate on the centre left which I think is the majority of the party," he said.

‘"If Labour is going to win the next election, we need a fundamentally different direction of travel for the new Government after the election of a new leader and deputy," he said.

"We need more than corrections of where we have clearly gone badly wrong over Iraq, Lebanon and subservience to [United States president George] Bush."’

Ian Gibson, eh? Another bloody ex-Trot, being a former member of the International Socialists.

Is there really nobody on the Labour left with the moral authority to knock some heads together?


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