Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Night Music Club: Jarvis Cocker and political pop

Look, I'm not particularly a Jarvis Cocker fan. Don't dislike him, just usually have no strong opinions about his music, one way or the other. And I retain enough eighties feminist analysis still to feel uneasy about the use of the C-word as a general purpose insult.

But this anthemic masterpiece from the Sheffield wonderboy - the charmingly titled 'Cunts are still running the world' - qualifies as the best political pop song I've heard in years. Right up there with Lennon's finest post-Beatles output, if you ask me.

Talk about a catchy chorus. It will lodge in your brain on first hearing. Shame it's never gonna get much radio time, for some strange reason not unconnected with the lyrics. In recognition of that, here's a nice anti-commercial touch; you can download the mp3 free at Cocker's MySpace page.

The vid has already been highlighted by Darren and DSTs, but I'm happy to plug it as well. Be interested to hear what feminist readers make of it, though. After the Vagina Monologues, is the last really taboo Anglo-Saxon four-letter word now rehabilitated in polite leftie circles?


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