Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Service announcements for regular readers

(1) The poll for the second-best leftwing blog in Britain is now closed. The clear winners are the Stroppatistas, on 30%. Congratulations, sisters.

I was surprised at the strength of support for Lenin's Tomb, second on 26%. I suppose I'd better link to the little fucker, seeing as you all like him so much. Not that he needs that, of course. That SWP bastard has got shedloads more readers than I have. Not that I'm a sectarian or anything ...

(2) Talking of links, I have today added some and deleted some. Hello to Jim Jay and David Broder. Welcome to the Dave's Part family, comrades.

(3) Those of you with blogspot blogs know that it is a free service and - as a result - you get what you pay for. It regularly breaks down, and there are frequent glitches with loading pictures.

Enough already. I have therefore purchased - at enormous expense - an individualised domain name and engaged the Geordie Genius himself to shift this blog to that URL. Prepare to redirect your browsers.

(4) Finally ... a plug for certain neglected far left bloggers. I always used to like John Molyneux's now-defunct 'Teach Yourself Marxism' column in Socialist Worker. Indeed, TYM was second only to Paul Foot's weekly article as a reason for buying the publication in the eighties.

Molyneux may not be flavour of the month with the SWP central committee right now, after leading a half-hearted rebellion at the party's conference earlier this year.

But quite by chance I stumbled across his blog, and found he has some interesting things to say on contemporary art. I was particularly taken by this post on Tracey Emin, who is clearly the second-sexiest woman on the planet.

He is obviously a clever bloke, despite writing an article on the prospects for Respect in Socialist Review that will surely haunt him in years to come.

Then there is Respect ultra-loyalist Ian Donovan, who publishes online at Red Scare. Unsurprisingly, his blog has yet to attract a single comment in several months of existence. Go on, make his day. Be nice. Why not?

Ian has for several years been repetitively critical of an article on George Galloway I penned for the Weekly Worker in 2003. Even I in retrospect admit I should have been a little more circumspect. But Ian described it in this blog's comments boxes as 'Osler's wretched screed'. Harsh. I still stand stand by the substantive political points. I have offered Donovan right of reply. He hasn't taken it yet. Your call, comrade.

Oh, and lastly ... Southpaw Punch. Consistently high-quality orthotrot blogging. Writes to a standard Donovan would love to reach, but simply isn't capable of achieving. Southpaw has decided on a strategy of posting only once a week, namely Monday mornings. Not the best tactic in an increasingly competitive blogosphere. But go read, it's all good stuff.


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