Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Union support for John McDonnell

Press release just issued by the McDonnell Labour leadership campaign. (That's the candidate, pictured left):

‘Today the London Region of the FBU declared its full support for the McDonnell leadership bid and donated £1,000 towards the campaign.

‘Members will be urging both the FBU and RMT at their National Executive Committee meetings in December to endorse McDonnell.’

It’s almost certain that both unions will back the man at the national level. Great. But it won't do him much good. Neither are affiliated to the Labour Party.

The statement continues:

‘He has also been invited to address the political committees of the GMB and the Bakers Union over the next two weeks, and already has strong backing from the broad lefts within Amicus, CWU, the T & G, and Unison.

‘Within the Labour Party at grassroots level McDonnell now has the endorsement of the Campaign for Socialism in Scotland, Welsh Labour Grassroots, and the Labour Representation Committee …’

Golly, there’s a few hundred votes in the bag, then. But the three groups put together do not have the same weight in the Labour Party’s electoral college a couple of Blairite MPs.

Forward to socialism under a Brown prime ministership it is, then.


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