Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Go for it, girls

Class struggle at the point of production should be central to everything revolutionary socialists do. Hey, am I still allowed to talk dirty like that in 2006? So trade union membership statistics are a useful barometer of what is going on in the workplace.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Unions are thoroughly bureaucratised these days, more interested in hawking platinum credit cards then fighting the boss class. And as the example of France shows, there are circumstances in which non-unionised workers can move into action.

But that said, basic working class self-organisation is firstly a good in itself, and secondly makes our job a hell of a lot easier. The more unionised workers, the better, I say. So we should be slightly cheered to find union density in Britain up slightly this year, at the still far too low level of 29%.

It’s also a revelation to find out that women workers are now more likely to be trade union members than men. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a historical first?

PS: For further reflections on trade unionism today, try here.


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