Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Racism without adjectives

In 1999, the McPherson Inquiry found the Metropolitan Police to be 'institutionally racist' after its handling of the investigation into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Now the Independent Police Complaints Commission has accused four Humberside police officers of 'unwitting racism' after the death of former paratrooper Christopher Alder in Hull police station.

There were monkey noises clearly audible on the CCTV footage of the man's dying moments. Unwitting racism, of course. And Alder was described as a 'negroid'. More unwitting racism, I suppose.

Five officers were subsequently cleared of manslaughter and misconduct. Four of them retired on 'medical grounds', with pay offs of up to £66,000.

I wonder if anyone in authority will ever have the guts to describe police behaviour in such cases for what it is. Racism without adjectives.


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