Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Safe in their hands

'Doctors and other specialists could opt out of the National Health Service and form barrister-style chambers to sell their services to hospitals under a reshaping of the system presaged in a draft report for ministers.'

That's according to a story in the Financial Times this morning. Not that New Labour is intent on privatising the NHS or anything.

Now remind me again. How is this going to improve healthcare, exactly?

PS: A friend of mine, more au fait with health policy than I am, reckons the proposal effectively amounts to the return of Tory-style GP fundholding.

UPDATE: The same edition of the same newspaper also carries this offering:

'Public perceptions of the National Health Service have become sharply more pessimistic over the past three months, with an opinion poll showing the highest level of voter disillusion with the sector in four years.'

Such growing disillusionment even extends to New Labour supporters:

'When asked whether they expected the NHS to get better or worse, Labour supporters gave a "net better" score of +2, a figure hugely down from the +53 at the time of the general election.'

But remember, kids. Correlation is not causality.


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