Friday, March 17, 2006

Screws for socialism

The Prison Officers' Association is one trade union the left has always regarded with a certain ambiguity. It wasn't that long ago that the POA constituted the main toehold of fascist sympathisers in the labour movement.

That was then and this now. Here's POA general secretary Brian Caton in the latest edition of The Socialist:

'We will be looking constructively at any declaration about a new workers' party. I'll read it and discuss it with those on the left in my union.

'Capitalism is wrong, it's unfair and it leads to an uncivil society. I don't want to live in an uncivil society where greed is the master and crime becomes the norm.'

It's certainly an eye-opener for those whose ideas about prison warders haven't moved on since the days of Mr McKay in the 1970s sitcom Porridge.


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