Thursday, April 13, 2006

Anderson on the Euston Manifesto

Paul Anderson - my old boss at Tribune - has come up with a cracking summary of the Euston Manifesto ...

'Here's a version for people who don't like reading:

1. Islamists are tossers.
2. Stalinists are tossers.
3. Most Trots are tossers.
4. So are most Labour leftists.
5. And most anarchists.
6. And every variety of post-modernist.
7. Sign up if you're a leftie who agrees with these points. '

PS: Phil Edwards at Actually Existing offers a more serious critique of the document.

PPS: Also largely agree (unusually enough) with that young whippersnapper over at Lenin's Tomb and (as usual) with the even-older-than-me Mike Marqusee.


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