Sunday, May 07, 2006

Leadership ambitions? Moi?

Even as his outriders surreptitiously foment dissention in the hitherto supine nether regions of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Gordon Brown has the brass nerve to go on telly and deny everything. Richard Nixon, eat your heart out:

'Mr Brown told Andrew Marr on BBC One's Sunday AM he did not want to see a coup against the prime minister. '

Gosh, Gordon. That’s great to hear. But do we believe him, boys and girls?

Batting for the Blairistas has been Doctor John on the World This Weekend. The new home secretary repeatedly branded Neil Lawson’s pressure group Compass ‘Old Labour’.

This is significant because Lawson - one of the spindoctors at the centre of the ‘cash for access’ row in 1998 - is extremely close to Brown. So presumably Reid’s outburst is indicative of Blairite tactics in the impending bloodbath.

Reid also maintained that the council election setbacks only happened because people worried that New Labour is losing control of the party. Hopefully he is far too savvy to believe such nonsense himself.

Branding Brown an Old Labourite is not only plainly ludicrous. It may also backfire. Not everybody in the labour movement thinks democratic socialism is a cuss word. In the current climate, it could actually increase Brown's support.

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