Monday, May 08, 2006

Neal Lawson versus the Euston Manifesto

Compass – those wonderful people who brought you the ‘stand down Tony, stand down please’ letter – are organising a giant political beano for June 17.

The event goes under the not-incredibly-catchy title of ‘The Compass National & Robin Cook Memorial Conference 2006’.

What caught my eye at first is the list of participants. It includes groups and publications that would be considered well beyond the pale at a similar Blairite get-together.

Among others, Tribune and Red Pepper will be presenting sessions. I used to work for the former, and write a monthly column for the latter.

So it would be nice to think that both journals will get more of a hearing under the impending Brown premiership than they do at present.

And of course, I couldn’t help noticing the following promise from the organisers in the online promo blurb:

‘Imagine an event where you get to actually shape and influence a manifesto to change our world over the next 20 years …Every workshop and seminar will be asked to prioritise key ideas for inclusion in the most radical and wide-ranging manifesto the democratic left has ever written.’

Typical. You wait ages for a sweeping statement of centre-left principle and then two come along at once. Sadly, I don't think anybody will be able to slip in any transitional demands. But watch out Eustonites, Compass chief Neal Lawson - pictured above - appears to be on your case.

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