Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Elsewhere in the blogosphere

Meanwhile, on other blogs …

Will seems to have taken exception at the new array of bloggers and commenters at the once-great Harry’s Place:

‘Dear me. What a bunch of stupid or pompous or ignorant or, let's just use a shorthand phrase -- middle class wankers with lots of time on their arses-- If you skim over their crap , you'll quickly see any and all possibility of an objective world or verifiability of any truths about it has been banished from their heads. In other words - the absurdity of post-modern and feudal excrement in combination, all claiming the inheritance of the enlightenment. It's all just the latest installment of bourgeois cretinism against Marxist clarity.’

Quite, comrade. But then I’m still smarting from being banned from the HP comments boxes, without explanation.

Stroppybird and Louisefeminista follow up their imperishable post ‘What do radical feminists do in bed … ?’ with a learned discussion entitled ‘In defence of the blow job’. Not quite what Trotsky called his book, is it, girls?

And in similar vein to Stroppyblog, there is Paleofeminist. I'm in love already:

‘Short, fat, frizzy-haired, furry-legged, dirty, lazy, bisexual superfreak (high-heel and fishnet free) hiding behind heterosexual privilege. Occasionally a dipstick lesbian (when changing the oil).’

Another interesting newcomer, the Irish SWPer Red Aspie, proffers his thoughts on subjects ranging from Billy Piper’s departure from Doctor Who to the rise of Morales in Bolivia.

Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky? points to the joint sponsorship of a protest march against the Forest Gate shootings by Newham Respect and Newham Conservatives. No, really. How low can the SWP go? The above blogger is a teenage member of the AWL, which talks sense on the crisis in the Scottish Socialist Party.

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