Thursday, July 06, 2006

Labour deputy leadership contest

Rightwing blogger Guido - real name Paul Staines, apparently - has this to offer on the forthcoming contest for the nominal number two job in New Labour:

'Hain is the best organised and he’s in pole position, with lots of committed supporters, Martin Linton and Nick Palmer are organising for him.

'Harriet Harman (wearing Brown's colours) has Angela Eagle leading her campaign and is prepared to collect signatures from MPs to force out the DPM. The sisterhood are seething...

'The machiavellian Alan Johnson is prepared to back Hain under the right circumstances. A number of junior ministers and ambitious types are waiting to see who can help their careers.'

Despite being a former Tory activist, Guido is well plugged in, and his speculation is on the money nine times out of ten.

The only real question remaining is what the Campaign Group decide to do. Should they contest the post, or or concentrate on planning what to do when Blair finally goes?

In the latter case, should the Labour left back Hain 'with no illusions', as the old slogan goes, or simply abstain?

Any thoughts? Any hard info, even?

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