Sunday, July 09, 2006

Labour left: challenge certain, says McDonnell

There is definitely to be a contest for the Labour leadership when Tony Blair steps down, a leading Campaign Group MP confirmed from a public platform yesterday.

John McDonnell was speaking at the annual Durham Miners' Gala on Saturday, in front of a audience of 50,000.

'He told the crowds: "Some are saying that there needs to be a smooth transition, a coronation, but that would mean no change because Gordon Brown is the architect of many current policies.

'"It will be Blair to Brown to Cameron because the Tories will be back ... There will be a number of us campaigning to insist there is an election for the next leader of the Labour Party ... There will be no coronation."'

Good. But still no word on who the left's candidate will be. Yet the extremely unscientific straw poll on the righthand side of this blog is anything to go by, McDonnell is clearly the activists' choice, with a four to one lead over the other potential leftish challenger, Michael Meacher.

The same message is coming through from other online forums were Labour left activists discuss such matters.

It's almost tempting to take out a card.

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