Monday, November 20, 2006

Alvin Stardust and me

The main broadcasting outlets are already getting their packages together for when - and it does now seem like when, rather than if - Scotland Yard decide to question Blair on cash for peerages.

As a result, I got to spend 2o minutes doing a piece to camera for ITN at Millbank this afternoon. I'll be lucky if they use 30 seconds of it. But it was a splendid book-whoring opportunity indeed.

Which reminds me. If you are looking for that ideal last minute stocking-filler for that Blairite relative you don't really like, look no further than my 2002 classic Labour Party plc, available on Amazon or from a bookstore near you.

But what really pleased me was being told that the package may also feature 1970s glam rock idol Alvin Stardust, pictured above, currently starring as The Childcatcher in the Liverpool Empire production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The link here is that Stardust was famously a protege of Lord Levy when he was in the business of flogging 45s to teenyboppers instead of shaking down dodgy businessmen to fund New Labour.

As an avid viewer of Top of the Pops during Stardust's heyday, I can't wait for the broadcast. Altogether now ...

'Tom ... Cat! Y'know where it's at!
Come on, let's go to my flat
Lay down and groove on the mat
A-you can be my coo ca choo.'


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