Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dave's Part has moved to

Fresh from another triumphant blog makeover - this time on behalf of Inveresk Street Ingrate - Geordie htmlmeister Will Rubbish has done the business for me over at Ta muchly, comrade.

All future posts will be at the new place, although this blogspot site will be kept on to preserve the comments. If you link to me, please update accordingly. And if you don't link to me ... now's the time to do so.

Most of the benefits of the switch accrue to me as the blogger, of course. The new site will be much more reliable - 'nothing ever goes wrong', Will insists - and easier to use.

But small improvements from the reader's viewpoint include categories and a 'recent comments from ...' bit in the sidebar, which should make it easier to get debates rolling.

Dave's Part now gets about 350-400 unique visitors a day, a vast improvement on the traffic when it started out last March. That total is rising rapidly, too, so thank you all. But please ... more comments! More tip-offs!


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